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To get your website online, the first thing to do is to have great, highly reputable and SEO friendly hosting and a domain name (brand name) that attracts your tribe. Hosting is paid once a year and the domain name is paid every two years. (When purchasing hosting and URL together, you get a free year of URL). Also included in the URL cost is private registration for 2 years ($20). Private registration is important to keep your site safe for customers and to protect your identity too. The cost breakdown is Hosting: $268, URL: $47. This cost (hosting and URL) is paid by The Prevail Studio to our hosting provider, WIX. The Prevail Studio has been classified by WIX as "Expert". We are continually engaged with other experts to bring our customers the newest and best designs in the marketplace. The cost of hosting and URL in entirety is paid by us to WIX after we receive your payment. For More Information see FAQS No. 9.

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Contact me to discuss the best options and to get set up. I will never steer you wrong. Having a website is not just a luxury, it's a necessity if you plan to market online.