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How to Write Superfly Headlines: Polish Up Your Mojo

Get Creative. Think outside the box.

Let's talk about social media posts. At The Prevail Studio, less is the new black and there is not a place where we need this than on social media. Here are a few guidelines for writing interesting headlines that catch the right kind of attention.

Eight headline strategies that are backed by psychology:

  1. Surprise – “This Is Not a Perfect Body (But It Could’ve Been)”

  2. Questions – “Do You Know How to Lose Weight Without Dieting?”

  3. Curiosity gap – “5 Ingredients in Slimroast Coffee. Number 4 Is Ridiculous!”

  4. Negatives – “Never Diet Again”

  5. How to – “How to Create a Home Business in 2017”

  6. Numbers – “5 Easy Tips to a Better Body”

  7. Audience referencing – “For People on the Verge of Being Overweight Forever"

  8. Specificity – “The 6-Part Process to Paying Off Your Mortgage in Your Spare Time”

90 percent of good headline-writing is obsessing over the perfect headline.

The other 10 percent might be picking the appropriate headline formula.

Did you know? Readers absorb the first 3 and last 3 words of a headline. Start strong, finish with a flourish. If you are writing long posts you can be assured no one is reading them unless you are saying something mind blowing.

The Ultimate Headline Formula

Lenka Istvanova of Koozia Marketing developed a headline formula based on her analysis of best practices for headlines that get clicks. The formula goes like this:

Numbers + Adjective + Target Keyword + Rationale + Promise

So, before you get out there today on Social Media and have the urge to write a long, boring post that no one is going to read or use words and phrases so overused like "skinny coffee" that's it's absolutely nutty, take a few minutes and put this formula and methodology into action.

Here is a great graphic by Quick Sprout that pretty much says it all on writing great headlines. If you found this post helpful, please like, share or comment to show me some love. Jamie

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