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34 Free Places to Promote Your Website

If you are really serious about making an impact with your company, having a website is essential. As network marketing distributors, you already know the pitfalls and short comings of those confusing replicated websites. We are thankful for them and need them but, at the end of the day, if the only place you have to send prospects is there, get ready for objections, confusion, questions, and ultimately having to do it for most of them. It's not a smooth experience for them or you. All network marketing replicated websites are the same in that they basically create a virtual nightmare for people who visit them. A personal website is where you greet people with a warm and inviting presence and we can build it for you at The Prevail Studio.

Replicated website links are owned by the company, not you, so in many instances, advertising them, especially on Facebook, is looked down upon, and they are not search engine friendly. But if you have your own website and unique branding, you can do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to. And, you can promote with ease.

Promoting your website to reach wider audiences is a multi-tiered process. One of the first steps is to find valuable websites and online platforms that allow you to highlight your site’s URL in one way or another. To save you the leg work, we compiled a list of 34 great places for promoting online content. These links will help you establish your online presence one by one. Some work with a simple URL submission while others require a more strategic approach, but they all share one thing – they are free of charge.

Online Directories for Businesses

Ranging from the most high-profile platforms to local directories, these websites cover a range of audiences. The flow is pretty much the same – you submit your website’s URL, as well as additional information about your business or organization. These sites, in turn, incorporate your info to their data banks, ensuring that your link is there when users are searching your content categories. In addition to direct display of your content, adding your links to these directories improves your site’s Search Engine Optimization, gradually improving your website’s ranking on search results.

Social Media and User-Generated Content

Social media has plenty to offer website owners. You’ve all heard of Facebook, of course, but are you using it correctly to promote your site? Have you considered the advantages of Pinterest, for instance? What about user-generated content like guides and tutorials on sites like WikiHow? The links below can all prove extremely useful for promoting your website. All you need to do is explore the ways in which they do.

Social Bookmarking and Curating

While these websites also operate on the basis of link-submission, the emphasis here is on content. You could submit a link to the main page as well as to individual pages, products, posts, images etc. These platforms then circulate your content to their audience base and drive traffic into your site, while also helping to boost your SEO by connecting your links to textual descriptive content.

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