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Have You Seen This Neat NEW Facebook Feature?

If you are not using your personal Facebook as a tool to build awareness personally and professionally, you are missing out on arguably the world’s most powerful, free marketing tool. Yes, I did say “free.”

Facebook is used by more than half of the world’s online population, literally billions upon billions of people every month use Facebook on a daily basis. In addition, the average smartphone user spends one out of every five minutes on Facebook.

Does This Sound Like Something You Have Said?

“I have a business page and my personal page is for friends and family.” Well, it’s time to re-think using your personal Facebook page (too) to build your brand, business and awareness. And, the reason I'm saying this is because there is a really neat feature available on your personal Facebook page that can be used to re-connect with people and build more meaningful relationships, and obviously so they can also see your business postings.

Interest Piqued? Let's Investigate.

The picture above, is a screenshot from a tool I found on my very own personal Facebook page called "Your Friends". Have you seen this application that literally scrolls through all of the people on your friends list?

Where to Find It.

Go to your personal Facebook page. On the left sidebar you will see it right under the pictures of your friends. Look at the picture below. Do you see where it says "See what you have in common with your friends"? Right next to it is the View button. And this my friends, is where everything can change in how you re-connect and re-invigorate the relationships that have been neglected while you have been busy in your groups and business pages. It's a literal gold-mine and no one is talking about it.

When you click the View button, you will see a small page for every one of your Facebook friends and what you have in common with them. You can scroll through them one by one. You will see who you are following and if you scroll down a bit on each person's page, you will also see some of their latest posts.

Now, follow me here.

This is where you can"follow", "like" and "share", or "comment" on a few people's posts or pictures that you have been missing for awhile. When you don't engage with people personally on a regular basis, Facebook will not show them your content. When you begin to reconnect with people, your posts and pictures will begin to show up on their news feeds again too.

Words of wisdom: Just be yourself. Don't immediately start inviting them to your business. Re-connect on a friendship basis only. Facebook is a social platform above all else (and so is network marketing) and your content is only shown to those who actively engage with you. So, rather than wait for that rare moment that someone will come out from nowhere and like a comment, be proactive and seek them out first.

There's plenty to love here. Set a goal to reach out to 10 new people everyday by simply liking, sharing or commenting on something they cared enough to post about. They will begin to recognize your presence and eventually start to like, comment or share your content in return. It's like a literal REFRESHING for your Facebook experience. The possibilities are endless again.

I hope you have found this to be a great little tip to reset your friendships and for invigorating your business. Please Like, Comment and by all means Share this with your team members.

Love, Jamie


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