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The Prevail Studio Valentus Magazine Website
NEW! The Prevail Valentus Magazine Website Subscription $67 a month
Full Magazine, Store and Website With Epic Appeal Factor! Includes full SEO, custom logo designs, customization, videos, share worthy articles, PLUS mobile ready. Totally Customized Just For You With Your Contact Information, Links, and URL. Also includes exclusive The Shift Revealed Landing Page System.

Website Features

  • Valentus Testimonials

  • The Prevail Magazine

  • Sharable Articles to Help You Sell & Build

  • Your Valentus Store

  • Sell Trial Packs

  • Your The Shift Revealed Landing Pages

  • The Shift Revealed Personalized Invitations

  • The Valentus Business Opportunity

  • A Site You Can Share Socially

  • Mobile Readiness

  • SEO Optimization

  • Custom Logos

  • Your Personally Branded Video

Additional Cost to Get Set Up
Each website requires Hosting and URL. Hosting is provided by The Prevail Studio's choice of hosting provider, WIX. We use WIX because it's the best and very search engine rich. The cost of hosting is paid to WIX through The Prevail Studio. The total set up cost is $180 for hosting for one year, paid upfront; Domain Name is $36, paid upfront, and is yours for 2 years before needed renewal. WIX gives you a year free and that's why you get the domain name for 2 years. Total Cost for website hosting and URL is $216.

If you like this version of our fabulous Valentus Magazine Website, let Jamie know you are choosing Coffee Vibe Magazine. Don't worry, she will help you find the perfect brand name for your beautiful site.

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